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Welcome to our web site it is intended to give you an idea of what we get up to and encourage you to join in. It is all about fun and friendships! Anyone can join. The cost is low but the benefits are great.

2021 Update

Covid restrictions continued to limit our activites early in the year.

It was good to finally get together for drinks and nibbles in September. Then in November we had a meal at the Cock in Broom and played skittles.

Our Christmas meal in December will be at Stratton House Hotel.

If you have a Facebook Account you can use our private group to communicate with other members in both towns and  share pictures etc. All welcome so go along and join in.

Town Twinning   is it still relevant? Is Twinning still as important as it was after the war? With Brexit it is even more important.  We travel far more widely than we did but do we really get to know the people of the country that we travel to?           More